Zaelab is a global digital commerce advisory and solutions provider.

We accelerate the growth of B2B and D2C channels through exceptional digital experiences, modern cloud architectures, and agile methodologies.

Learn how Zaelab modernized Titleist's Global B2B Commerce Experience & Platform.

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B2B Marketplaces: Welcome to the Platform Economy

Learn about the marketplace model and why B2B companies are turning to the platform economy to facilitate a more desirable customer journey where traditional ecommerce channels fall short. This whitepaper discusses why embracing marketplaces are now the greatest starting point for winning B2B commerce strategies, and shares best approaches for adopting and implementing a best-in-class B2B marketplace.

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4 and Counting: Multiple Brands Migrate, Replatform on Leading Commerce Solution

4 and Counting: Multiple Brands Migrate, Replatform on Leading Commerce Solution Sarnova was running four unique brands on two different commerce platforms. In order to create scalable consistency, Sarnova wanted to migrate all brands onto one robust commerce platform. Learn how Zaelab helped Sarnova deliver a scalable B2B digital experience by replatforming and migrating all brands onto a single instance of SAP Commerce.

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ZCommerce: Digital Experience for B2B

ZCommerce: Digital Experience for B2B

B2B buyers are insisting on anywhere, anytime commerce. Why not start with everything you need? ZCommerce is a productized solution for bringing digital commerce platforms to market, faster. Working with over 100 leading manufacturers and distributors, Zaelab has assembled proven best practices into this modern UX and mobile progressive web application. Fully integrated on Day 1 with SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP hybris, VTEX, Salesforce, and commercetools.

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The next big thing in digital transformation: The CTO Coach

The next big thing in digital transformation: The CTO Coach

Highly gifted athletes don’t leave their Olympic records to chance – and neither should accomplished and capable executives. Companies that invest in digital advisory services are more likely to have a strategy that clearly maps out the best way to improve the company’s value proposition or utilize digital improvements to enhance existing capabilities. These are the companies that become differentiators and disruptors.

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Objective, expert advice at every stage of your digital transformation journey.

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Transform into a Customer-Centric Organization

Transform into a Customer-Centric Organization

Pressure to innovate and outshine the world’s biggest competitors demands operational, product, services and financial efficiencies. As a result, enterprises have been highly focused on internal enhancements, versus seeking external validation from those who matter most: customers. But can a business model truly survive without support from its customers? Learn how leading enterprises are understanding, engaging with and designing the business around their customers.

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Implement New Technology

Implement New Technology

As a global advisory and solutions company with end-to-end capabilities, Zaelab can help your organization deliver best-in-class digital experiences. From bringing leading platforms to market, to introducing new architectures, to calling on its own customer experience product to help you digitally transform faster, Zaelab is your partner in execution.

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Enabling Your Business Success

Enabling Your Business Success

Uncover best-in-breed technology platforms. Zaelab partners with the most innovative technology organizations to help organizations drive rapid digital transformation. Different platforms and architectures are needed for different businesses, and that’s why Zaelab partners with the select technology partners with proven success of delivering on client needs.

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Get ready to digitally transform. Zaelab removes the complexity and friction between business and technology.