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Monolith, Microservices & Migration

Enterprises are boosting their speed and flexibility by shifting commerce architectures. Discover the benefits of headless commerce architectures, and how they can be leveraged by enterprises.

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4 and Counting: Multiple Brands Migrate, Replatform on Leading Commerce Solution

Sarnova delivers a robust and scalable B2B digital experience by replatforming and migrating all brands onto a single instance of SAP Commerce.

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ZCommerce: Seamless Commerce for B2B

ZCommerce: Seamless Commerce for B2B

B2B buyers are insisting on anywhere, anytime commerce. Why not start with everything you need? ZCommerce is a best-of-breed, headless commerce, service and sales experience.

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2019 Customer Experience Predictions

2019 Customer Experience Predictions

In 2019, how can we continue to place the customer experience at the heart of digital transformation? There are a few tactics to include in your digital marketing strategy that will assure consumer satisfaction.

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Objective, expert advice at every stage of your digital transformation journey.

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Transform into a Customer-Centric Organization

Transform into a Customer-Centric Organization

The time has come to re-prioritize the customer experience. Learn how leading enterprises are understanding, engaging with and designing the business around their customers.

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Implement New Technology

Implement New Technology

Deliver seamless and best-in-class digital experiences with optimized platforms that are designed to engage your customers, drive loyalty and build revenue.

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Enabling Your Business Success

Enabling Your Business Success

Uncover best-in-breed technology platforms. Zaelab partners with the most innovative technology organizations to help organizations drive rapid digital transformation.

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Zaelab removes the complexity and friction between business and technology.