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Zaelab is a member of Logik.io’s System Integration Partner Program, helping implement their advanced Commerce Logic Engine, a solution that enables businesses to sell their products and services more effectively through direct sales teams and digital commerce channels with more guided, flexible, and interactive selling experiences. 

Logik.io augments Salesforce CPQ and, due to its headless architecture, integrates seamlessly with most B2B commerce environments. Logik.io’s Commerce Logic Engine enhances digital B2B customer experiences with advanced guided product configuration experiences, making self-service buying a reality for any company. The technology’s advanced solving engine allows businesses to deliver lightning-fast, high-performance product configuration, and buying experiences, and enables organizations to support products with sophisticated configurations, and complex and multi-dependency rules.

Zaelab’s implementation and customization team’s experience with Salesforce CPQ and our proprietary library of pre-built headless commerce platform components makes us an expert Logik.io partner.

Why Partner with Zaelab to Implement Logik.io?
Embrace B2B Guided Selling
What is Logik.io?
How does Zaelab partner with Logik.io?

Logik.io Benefits

Sell More: Increase Sales
Accelerate the speed to quote and increase quote conversions with more powerful omnichannel configuration experiences.
Sell Faster: Increase GTM Agility
Introduce and make changes to products faster with simple yet powerful rules administration.
Maintain Less: Reduce Maintenance Costs
Reduce administration costs, cut down on custom development, and get all the power to support advanced product configurations out-of-the-box with Logik.io.
Having Zaelab as a partner to help us build that proof of concept working model was critical in engaging appropriately with stakeholders.
— Caroline Gillis, Senior Manager of Digital Experience, Panduit

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