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Zaelab is a Threekit implementation partner with a focus on implementing product 3D configuration, virtual photography, and augmented reality omnichannel commerce experiences for B2B, D2C and B2C businesses.  Threekit customers can quickly satisfy online shoppers who want more interactive 3D and AR experiences and improve conversion rates up to 40% with 3D product renderings.

Enable customers to configure your products on their own online, then get production-ready models, CAD files, bill-of-materials, assembly instructions, and cut patterns ensuring that the right products are made for the right customers, saving your team time, expenses, and materials.

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Why Partner with Zaelab to Implement Threekit

Dedicated technology experts in Threekit implementations across all leading commerce platforms

Project planning excellence and a suite of Threekit implementation packages to choose from

In-depth understanding of Threekit's advanced options due to a broad range of Threekit projects delivered

Certified 3D design and commerce platform consultants available for industry-specific digital transformation

Headless Commerce for B2B Enterprises

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What is Threekit?

Threekit closes the gap between complex selling and enhanced buying experiences through interactive 3D product experiences that enhance the overall customer experience. The platform consists of three product visualization offerings.

Brands within industries where customizable features like the design, color, material finish, features, logos, etc. play a role can showcase the best fit for each individual customer without having to photograph an infinite number of product variations. This can be a game-changing point in the customer decision-making process for a number of industries, including medical devices, consumer products, manufacturing, and retail.

How Zaelab Partners with Threekit

Zaelab offers a selection of Threekit implementation packages available for SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris), Shopify, Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, Magento, BigCommerce, Broadleaf Commerce, and all the major digital ecommerce and content management platforms.  We’ve also integrated Threekit into Zaelab’s ZCommerce Headless Commerce offering, giving you and your customers a best-in-breed digital commerce experience from the very start.

3D Configurator

The 3D Configurator empowers brands to deliver leading-edge 3D experiences, without requiring custom code.

Virtual Photographer

With Virtual Photographer, customers can generate tens of thousands of photorealistic images from a single design file, on-demand.

Augmented Reality

Threekit augmented reality product visualization enhances the customer experience by bringing 3D models to life with vivid, life-like animations.

“Using the Threekit platform, businesses can upload product information and design files to instantly and inexpensively create an unlimited number of interactive, augmented reality and photorealistic 3D visuals.”

Delivery Packages


35 Days*
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60 Days*
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120 Days*
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120+ Days*
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Timeline *


35 Days


60 Days


120 Days


120+ Days
Platform Configuration
Standard Viewer
Augmented Reality
Manual Catalog Upload
API Catalog Integration
Rule-Based Pricing/Config
3D Modeling
Image Personalization
Drag-n-Drop Configurator
Email/ERP/OMS Integrations
Layered Rendering
Threekit Order Integration
Tour Mode
PDF Rendering
Package Goals

*Due to factors that are unforeseen at the time (delays, financial hang-ups, etc.), the actual duration may vary from the initial projections.

Threekit Digital Commerce Platforms

We help customers with their implementation of Threekit’s many features and can offer assistance at every step of customers’ journey.

Launch personalized experiences

With product configuration, we can help your B2B, D2C, or B2C organization enable self-service and guided selling features to help buyers find and purchase what they need instantly.

Showcase product customizations

With the ability to feature every product and potential customization online, we can enable B2B businesses to create engaging and shoppable experiences that drive conversions.

Integrate rapidly and seamlessly

Zaelab helps implement Threekit with all leading ecommerce platforms for a connected and engaging buyer experience.

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Streamline Sales and
Operations with 3D Technology

Learn how commerce site owners overcome delays in the customer buying journey and back-end operations with interactive 3D product configuration.

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