About Zaelab

Who is Zaelab?
Zaelab is a digital commerce advisory and solutions provider. We enable B2B organizations to transform and thrive through exceptional customer experiences, modern cloud platforms, and agile methodologies.

What does Zaelab do?
Zaelab helps mid-market and enterprise B2B organizations navigate the digital economy. Our experience spans business models including B2B, D2C, and Marketplaces. We are preferred partners with the leading commerce, experience, and headless cloud platforms. Zaelab is also the innovator behind ZCommerce, the industry-leading headless digital experience for B2B Manufacturers.

What does Zaelab mean?
In Nature, Mycorrhizae represents a fascinating symbiotic relationship between two plants. This relationship helps both organisms thrive. Zaelab believes this concept translates to the relationships we have with our clients and partners.

Management Team

Zaelab is led by an innovative team with decades of consulting and B2B Commerce Experience. With combined experience in technology, advisory services, and digital transformation, this team aligns the company and helps breed a client-first mindset.

Evan Klein, CEO Zaelab
Evan Klein, CEO & Founder

Evan Klein is a visionary and respected executive in the digital commerce ecosystem. As founder and CEO, Evan is responsible for Zaelab’s strategic direction. He is committed to providing B2B organizations with successful digital commerce transformations. Evan lives in Southport, CT with his wife and two children.

Jason Dolgoff, COO
Jason Dolgoff, Chief Operating Officer

Jason is a results-driven leader with over twenty years of experience in ecommerce, strategic business operations, and omni-channel finance. At Zaelab, Jason spearheads strategic business objectives, business operations, and organizational enablement, ensuring scalability and operational efficiencies.

Chris Champlin, Director of Technology

A seasoned Senior Solution Architect with more than 13 years of B2B Commerce and ERP integration experience, Chris is focused on helping Zaelab's SAP Hybris Commerce clients realize their B2B commerce vision by applying SAP's recommended best practices to design and deliver the best possible solution architecture.

Ruslan Saliei, Director of Delivery

Ruslan's speciality is on-time delivery of highly complex projects. He combines a deep understanding of business needs with the knowledge of relevant technology. Ruslan's Agile approach is always results-focused, and he is an expert people, project, and product manager.

Stephen Metts, Director of PMO

Stephen Metts leads the Zaelab PMO office and is responsible for the successful delivery of all of Zaelab's client engagements. Stephen brings a strong background in eCommerce and is responsible for technology, BI, and delivery of complex & strategic client engagements. Stephen lives in Austin, TX with his wife.

Lina Uy, Director of Finance

Lina leads Zaelab's Finance & Accounting functions at Zaelab. Lina brings a strong background of financial leadership across all aspects of finance. Lina lives in Easton, CT with her husband and two children.

Alona Khimich, Director of European Operations

Alona coordinates the day-to-day operations of Zaelab's development hubs in Europe. Over the past few years she has been instrumental in helping Zaelab establish and grow local presence.

Strategic Technology Partners

Technology fuels digital transformation. Different platforms and architectures are needed for different businesses, and that’s why Zaelab partners with the select technology partners with proven success of delivering on client needs.

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Businesses Don’t Have Finish Lines

Zaelab prides itself on its continuous innovation delivery methodology that keeps businesses ahead of market demands. Continuous innovation builds speed and agility into the development process, allowing businesses to iterate, deliver and iterate again — faster. Working with Zaelab, clients can react faster and even anticipate customer needs and make iterative changes that lead to a better experience and higher profitability.

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Life at Zaelab

Zaelab employs driven talent across the globe, who are committed to client excellence. Are you interested in joining a growing company that is committed to your professional development? We’d love to hear from you!

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