Composable Partners

Choose all of the best B2B commerce components. Flexibly bring them together. Deliver an unmatched user experience.

Composable Commerce is Ecommerce 2.0 for B2B

Mix-and-match the best commerce solutions for your B2B business so that it can win in the market. Make changes quickly and without deviating from your established UX to amplify the buyer experience.

All this is possible and more with our composable partners.

Zaelab partners with the best composable commerce technology vendors to integrate and bring together a seamless user experience designed to convert. From enhanced product information management to product visualization and guided selling, see how our composable partners are leading the way.

Composable Partners

Composable commerce is mixing-and-matching the best commerce solutions for your business so that it can win in the market.


Pimly is a product experience management solution that enables a B2B organization with fully configurable digital catalogs, sell sheets, and commerce product experiences. With Pimly, organizations can close deals faster and provide better customer experience with accessible, up-to-date product information, configured for specific customer channels and segments.

Learn More augments Salesforce CPQ and, due to its headless architecture, integrates seamlessly with most B2B commerce environments.’s Commerce Logic Engine enhances digital B2B customer experiences with advanced guided product configuration experiences, making self-service buying a reality for any company. The technology’s advanced solving engine allows businesses to deliver lightning-fast, high-performance product configuration, and buying experiences, and enables organizations to support products with sophisticated configurations, and complex and multi-dependency rules.

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Threekit is a technology platform created by 3D specialists. These experts have combined best-in-class tools to turn product visuals into customer experiences. The 3D configurator allows sellers to deliver leading 3D experiences without custom code, its virtual photographer can generate tens of thousands of photorealistic images from a single design file, and its augmented reality lets B2B buyers see how a product looks in their space in remarkable detail.

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Contentful offers a content platform for enterprises to unify their content in a single hub. The technology helps B2B businesses structure content so that it can be reused across digital properties, with an endlessly extensible framework for integrating with hundreds of leading-edge tools.

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Algolia enables B2B companies to deliver fast and relevant digital search experiences that drive real results. With Algolia’s advanced search capabilities, B2B buyers can easily find and discover what they want across the web, mobile, and voice, driving online engagement, conversion rates, and revenue.

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commercetools is a next-generation commerce platform. Its award-winning, API approach helps enterprises adopt an agile, componentized architecture that improves profitability, reduces development time, and meets new customer demands.

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Why Successful B2B Businesses are Embracing Composable Commerce

Discover why composable commerce is a new type of agility, fully capable of optimizing B2B commerce experiences.

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