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Implement a seamless B2B commerce and customer experience platform with an award-winning SAP implementation partner.
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Zaelab is an award-winning SAP Commerce Cloud and Customer Experience implementation partner. For over a decade, Zaelab has implemented and optimized SAP Commerce Cloud solutions at world-class B2B organizations to create seamless buying experiences for customers — from search to sales.

Specializing in highly complex B2B business commerce solutions, Zaelab has equipped organizations with the SAP Customer Experience platform to leverage a combination of intuitive, self-service capabilities, and AI-powered merchandising, guided selling, assisted service, and chatbots to create new revenue channels at a lower cost of ownership.

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SAP B2B Commerce Cloud Benefits

Product Management
SAP Commerce Cloud provides robust Product Management (PIM) capabilities including catalog management, product data analysis, category management, and configuration to manage additional fields in support of merchandising. The original platform dating back to hybris commerce was first a PIM Product Management platform.
Order Management
Order Management across channels including B2B, D2C, Mobile, and EDI become possible with SAP Commerce Cloud. Businesses have the ability to have a single source of truth for orders across all channels.
Headless & Content Management
Utilizing SmartEdit or Spartacus, businesses can take advantage of SAP Commerce Cloud to deliver rich content experiences to all channels without having to deal with the nuances of replicating content on each channel.
The launch of SAP Commerce Cloud for our online B2B business is a major milestone. This launch represents a foundational layer and sets the stage for Acushnet to continue to innovate and scale the platform across the enterprise. The integrated partnership between Acushnet, SAP, and Zaelab has been instrumental in making this initiative a success.
— Peter Marshall, CIO, Titleist
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