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Leading Golf Equipment and Clothing Company Scores Ace in the Hole with Zaelab

Titleist, a global leader in the golf industry, implemented Zaelab's ZCommerce solution coupled with SAP Commerce Cloud, to enable agility and maintain global dominance for their B2B Commerce Channel.

Titleist, a global leader in the golf industry, faced limitations with a soon-to-be unsupported eCommerce platform. Aware of the need to align robust features, functionality and customer experience with an exceptional marketing and products portfolio, Titleist looked to Zaelab to turn vision into reality. Zaelab’s proprietary ZCommerce solution, coupled with SAP Commerce Cloud, is the B2B digital option that will enable longevity and maintain global dominance for holdings company Acushnet.

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  • How brand consolidation on one B2B digital platform can optimize customer experience
  • Why Zaelab’s experience integrating SAP into existing client solutions is proven edge over the competition
  • How a domestic launch will roll out globally
Our initial impression was, this is exactly the type of customer and project for Zaelab. Titleist has a strategic vision to transform their B2B digital business and we have the expertise to make that vision a reality on the global stage.
Evan Klein, CEO, Zaelab

Fore! Existing B2B ecommerce portal lacking core capabilities

Acushnet, the leading golf equipment and clothing company, is best known for its performance-driven golf products including Titleist, FootJoy, Vokey Design, Scotty Cameron and Pinnacle. Handicapped by their existing B2B portal Acushnet was unable to deliver exceptional customer experiences to Pro Shop Managers and their existing platform was soon to be unsupported. Acushnet had a vision for delivering an optimal experience to match their revered product line, but they required direction to make that a reality.

Zaelab to deliver experience on par with Titleist products

Acushnet wins market share in the golf industry with brands like Titleist and FootJoy — but their B2B site did not match their exceptional and market-leading products. With the goal to match the site experience to the products they deliver in order to sustain total dominance, Zaelab was brought on to deliver an MVP implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud via ZCommerce.SAP Commerce Cloud and ZCommerce will integrate with the Acushnet back ERP (Infor M3) and start with a national rollout. Future phases will consist of multiple ERP integrations and global deployment. Key integrations included:

  1. InforM3
  2. BillTrust
  3. Adobe Scene 7
Our ZCommerce solution was a big reason behind Zaelab winning Acushnet’s business. Being able to integrate SAP into their current portal (Infor M3) without compromising existing features was a must.
Mark White, Sr. Account Executive & Partnerships Director, Zaelab

Back Nine: What’s next for Titleist

For Acushnet Company, the goal is clear: Zaelab will call on its experience in digital B2B to deliver its proprietary ZCommerce solution and SAP Commerce Cloud and bring Acushnet to market in 6 months.

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Company Snapshot

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Sector: Golf Equipment & Clothing
  • Overview: Acushnet Holdings Corp., owner of brands Titleist and Footjoy, has been the global leader in the design, development and manufacture of golf products since 1932. Widely recognized as the steward for the most revered brands, their mission is to remain the performance and quality leader in every product category of the golf industry.
  • Challenge: Acushnet’s existing B2B commerce solution was unable to deliver the exceptional customer experience stakeholders needed and expected to optimize sales of the exceptional brands it represents.

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