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ABB Transforms their Digital Business Through Site Unification

Zaelab’s partnership with ABB resulted in a brand new B2B digital commerce platform and customer experience.

Zaelab’s partnership with the fortune 100 company resulted in a brand new B2B digital commerce platform and customer experience

A large Fortune 100 power company needed help in bringing together their disparate B2B digital business platforms. The company operated 7 different B2B commerce sites, each with its own feature set, unique platform technology, and business stakeholders. The company engaged Zaelab to determine how they might combine the sites into a unifying platform – to enhance customer experiences across products as well as reduce technology and internal support costs.

Zaelab’s strategic consulting services provided a comprehensive assessment of each platform across many critical dimensions – business goals, technology, hosting, feature set, strengths and weaknesses, and customer user experience. Zaelab helped the company determine where each platform stood in terms of maturity, user adoption, user experience, transactional capabilities and also benchmarked each site against leading digital commerce sites in the power industry.

In the final consulting deliverable, Zaelab recommended using SAP Hybris to provide a standard, advanced B2B digital commerce platform, and roadmap to integrate the disparate platforms into a unifying site. Zaelab gave executives a clear roadmap for creating a unified solution, as well as cost estimates, timing, and key integrations necessary to provide a unified, best-of-breed B2B digital commerce platform.

The unified platform that Zaelab plans to deliver through SAP Hybris will assist this client in reusing some of what is already present in the current platforms, even as it updates and streamlines business processes. Zaelab hopes to put a foundation in place before the end of 2017, allowing for multiple sites in this project to be built out and tested by this power provider as they move toward a newer, more dynamic B2B platform.

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