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4 & Counting: Multiple Brands Migrate, Replatform on Leading Commerce Solution

Sarnova delivers a robust and scalable B2B digital experience by replatforming and migrating all brands onto a single instance of SAP Commerce.

Sarnova desired to migrate their four different brands that were operating on two different platforms, onto one, robust B2B digital commerce platform. They needed a partner to help them prioritize each brand and develop a roadmap for success. That’s where Zaelab came in.

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  • Why Sarnova needed to consolidate all brands to operate on one, robust commerce platform
  • How Zaelab helped Sarnova migrate off of Magento and Znode onto SAP Commerce
  • How Sarnova is now set up for fast brand launches as the business grows
The path to success was clear: consolidate all commerce instances onto SAP Commerce and build off accelerator functionality managed on internal Sarnova IT environments.

Evan Klein, CEO, Zaelab

4 Brands divided by 2 commerce platforms = disconnected customer experience

Sarnova is a family of companies — Bound Tree Medical, Cardio Partners, Emergency Medical Products and Tri-anim Health Services — that all serve the emergency medical services and acute care markets for nearly 50 years. When Sarnova and Zaelab were introduced, the challenge was clear: these four different brands were operating on two different commerce platforms: Znode and Magento. To say that these digital experiences had taken on lives of their own was an understatement. Sarnova realized that one, consistent digital experience was critical to delivering a great customer experience while creating scale and uniformity in the backend.

“The goal was to implement a more robust B2B digital platform, that would allow Sarnova to run multiple brands off of one single platform,” says Mark White, Account Executive at Zaelab. “We also took note of Sarnova’s growth objectives, and collectively agreed that one platform would be key to deploying future brands quickly.”

Sarnova elected to move forward with SAP Commerce as their preferred platform, as this best-in-class platform was built to drive digital transformation and would enable Sarnova to effectively transition into an omnichannel organization. From there, Sarnova needed a partner with a consultative approach. White shares that Sarnova didn’t want a “one, big bang” implementation approach — which meant that their partner needed to develop a roadmap for success and help guide Sarnova in prioritizing each brand implementation and launch.

Zaelab and Sarnova partner to consolidate commerce platforms and migrate to SAP Commerce

The objective was to consolidate, implement, and launch digital commerce platforms for the existing business, while creating an infrastructure that would support future requirements as the business grows. Based on Zaelab’s prior client success, B2B knowledge, team structure and advisory services, Sarnova partnered with Zaelab to make this vision a reality.

When I first started working with Sarnova, I realized that they were using multiple third party systems, which was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and scale. We needed a single platform and streamlined IT support across multiple brands.

Hai Ngo, Project Manager, Zaelab

In order to deliver a best-of-breed, strategic and unified platform, Zaelab honed in on the following goals:

  1. Implement a single platform, SAP Commerce, to manage multiple catalogs and streamline IT support, with critical features such as guided-selling tools, smart search, personalization and dynamic pricing
  2. Prioritize high-value features that can be leveraged across all brands
  3. Deliver a world-class digital experience across all devices and shift transactions from legacy channels to online
  4. Gain efficiencies in site maintenance and supportability
  5. Deliver on-time, on-budget site launches
  6. Ultimately increase revenue and market share of Sarnova brands with boosted average order value, conversion rates and engagement through behavioral-based content targeting

Businesses don’t have finish lines: What’s next for Sarnova

Sarnova, working with Zaelab, are set up for success as they continue to migrate more brands onto the single instance of SAP Commerce. Following the launch of Sarnova brand Bound Tree, the teams have begun working on the next priority brand, Emergency Medical Products. Bound Tree’s functionality will be built upon and custom UI will be added on top to differentiate the two brands.

Following this, Tri-Anim and DXE/Cardio Partners are the next brands that Sarnova and Zaelab will migrate onto the single platform solution.

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Company Snapshot

Industry: Life Sciences / Wholesale Distributor
Sector: Medical Supplies
Overview: Sarnova sells emergency response supplies — gloves, CPR,
hospital beds — to municipalities for fire and police stations, ambulance and
education institutions.
Revenue: $100MM+
Challenge: Sarnova was running four unique brands on two different
commerce platforms: Znode and Magento. In order to create scalable consistency, Sarnova wanted to migrate all brands onto one robust commerce platform.

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