Scaling your SAP Hybris Enterprise Digital Commerce Platform

March 21, 2018

One of our enterprise customers recently asked us a question.

“How do we scale our SAP Hybris implementation across additional business units at the organization?”

It’s a great question. Enterprises present unique challenges when scaling digital technology platforms across business units.

Principally, those challenges boil down to the same issue every time, and that’s that segregated business units do not always operate the same. We regularly run into differences with P&L Management and Ownership, M&A Strategy, Separate ERP Systems, Technology TCO, Regulatory and Legal Concerns.

Deciding how to manage digital platforms’ growth across the enterprise presents several options, and these must be considered in order to make an optimal decision for the business.

Scaling SAP Hybris

Let’s consider the ways we can scale digital commerce platforms like SAP Hybris.

There are some other considerations to keep in mind, too. For example, modern cloud technologies and micro-services are changing up this paradigm.


The promise of micro-service platforms may make some of this discussion irrelevant. This approach allows organizations to provide services faster than ever on a need-by-need basis to various business units. Organizations that adopt this approach can not only leverage micro-services for required data, but also establish their own applications with business unit specifics, while leveraging shared underling services.

We’re in the early innings of this shift.

For now, I’m encouraging the enterprises that we work with to assess the complexity and variety of requirements between business units when considering digital platform growth across the organization.

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