B2B Immersive Commerce

Online selling and buying has completely evolved. Has your B2B digital experience?

Address buyer needs while delivering a hyper-personalized experience. The future is now with next-generation configuration experiences for B2B organizations selling in 3D and augmented reality.
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Immersive Commerce Strategy + Implementation

Let your B2B business seize the metaverse. Explore with Zaelab how adopting immersive commerce practices can enhance your buyer experience and drive higher profitability. Our expert advisors can outline how with an immersive commerce strategy and implementation, your buyers don’t just experience your products — they connect with them.

3D Experiences

B2B buyers are demanding more exceptional and faster user experiences. Configure complex products simply and in real-time using 3D or augmented reality to help buyers visualize their purchase without technology limitations.

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

What if you could remove the complexity from B2B product pricing? Manage pricing nuances and variations through cutting-edge automated technology with a CPQ tool that integrates perfectly with your B2B commerce tech stack.

Continuous Innovation

B2B businesses don’t have finish lines. Zaelab uses a continuous innovation delivery approach that ensures your B2B organization receives ongoing, world-class solutions that drive results for the business. Merging consulting, technology, customer experience, and design colleagues, Zaelab can help your business deliver immersive commerce experiences at the intersection of business, brand, and technology.

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Partners & Solutions

B2B Immersive Commerce Solutions

Product Configuration

Immersive, 3D experiences with unlimited configurations is the difference between delighting B2B buyers or suffering tremendous errors and costly production.

3D Experiences

Turn product visuals into an incredible experience. Create impressive and conversion-focused 3D experiences that your buyers revere.

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Goodbye complicated, hello configurable. Streamline channel experiences with a highly intuitive CPQ strategy and leading technology.

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