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Zaelab is a Salesforce B2B Commerce implementation partner, working with hundreds of leading B2B manufacturing brands to create digital revenue streams.

In our experience, Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud clients typically see:

  • 271% Return on Investment
  • 7 Months Time to ROI
  • $12 Per Order Average Savings

Zaelab offers rapid Salesforce B2B Commerce services and extensive experience with value-added third-party integrations.

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Salesforce B2B Commerce Benefits

Increase Sales
By selling online to reach new customers, Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud helps sales teams to focus on key accounts and sell more with product recommendations.
Lower the Cost to Serve
With a 360-degree view of each customer, Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud lets buyers self-serve for re-orders, and this connected service decreases organizations’ cost to serve.
Speed to Value
Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud can be implemented in as little as 2 weeks as a cloud-native platform that will scale with the business as it grows.

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