B2B Composable Commerce

What do you get when you cross a world-class commerce stack with an unmatched user experience? Revenue.

Composable commerce is the agility B2B companies need to provide leading-edge and revenue-generating user experiences. Move away from big-box commerce platform solutions with every feature and functionality inside. Think outside the box by adopting a composable commerce technology stack that caters exactly to your buyer needs and preferences.
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Composable Commerce Strategy

Delivering an exceptional digital experience is a competitive differentiator for your business. Let Zaelab experts guide you in creating an unmatched composable commerce strategy. We’ll lead you through a technology gap analysis, proposed composable architecture, key integrations, and a detailed implementation roadmap aligned to your B2B business’s budget and goals.

Composable Commerce Implementation

Implement a customized composable commerce tech stack with a partner who understands the unique needs of B2B organizations. Zaelab experts can bring together leading composable technology, complex integrations, and a completely customized user experience to market faster than anyone in the industry.


Becoming composable is the easiest type of commerce migration that exists today — with the right implementation partner. Helping your B2B business reduce risk and increase speed, Zaelab can replace legacy elements of your commerce platform with commerce features in stages until the organization is operating on a composable model.


Align your user search experience with business objectives to boost conversion rates and build loyalty. Zaelab can work with your B2B organization to map the search experience to user needs and deliver a personalized ecommerce experience, while accelerating conversions and increasing engagement.

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Partners & Solutions

B2B Composable Commerce Solutions

Why MACH/Composable?

Flexible technology principles are leading the way to modular and independent architectures and unparalleled frontend user experiences. Learn why MACH and composable commerce is right for your B2B business.

Composable Migration

B2B organizations are eliminating legacy commerce technology platforms in stages. Discover the benefits of incremental migration to a composable architecture with Zaelab.

Composable Partners

There are niche but significant problems for complex B2B organizations. Focused and well-funded composable vendors have emerged, and Zaelab only partners with elite composable technology leaders.

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