A Visual Path to Purchase

Enhance every stage of the B2B buyer lifecycle with 3D experiences.

B2B 3D Experiences

More buyers are shopping virtually versus in physical stores. B2B organizations can enhance the buyer experience with beautiful, realistic visuals that fuel conversions.

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3D Visualization

Static pictures leave things to the imagination and create guesswork for buyers. With a 3D configurator, B2B buyers can make sense of complex products, while customizing and visualizing products at every angle.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Increase buyer confidence, enhance product presentation, and accelerate the sales cycle with augmented reality. AR enables buyers to customize products and visualize them in their own spaces.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Scale product imagery in real time with configurable and photorealistic imagery. Interactive, explorable, and completely immersive, VR captivates and converts B2B buyers with confidence.


Lower Costs. Higher Conversions.

Our partner Threekit has proven that 3D experiences drive ROI.

  • 50% increase in average order value
  • 40% conversion rate improvement
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Do More with Commerce Visualization

With product configuration, Zaelab can equip B2B companies to enable self-service, helping buyers find and purchase what they need instantly.

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