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Implement a seamless SAP Commerce Cloud experience with an award-winning partner.

Award-Winning SAP Commerce Cloud Certified Partner

With over a decade of experience implementing SAP Commerce Cloud at global B2B enterprises, Zaelab brings an award-winning perspective to platform implementation. From search to sales, Zaelab can work with any complex B2B organization to implement a seamless buying experience with SAP Commerce Cloud.

Packaged Solutions

SAP Commerce Cloud Platform Strategy

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Zaelab will work with your B2B business to develop a comprehensive Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud platform strategy, designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.

  • Technology gap analysis
  • Capabilities analysis
  • SAP Commerce Cloud solutions architecture
  • SAP Commerce Cloud feature prioritization recommendations
  • Recommended composable commerce integrations
  • Detailed implementation roadmap aligned to organizational budget and goals

SAP Commerce Cloud Implementation

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From roadmapping to deploying and continuously innovating in the SAP Commerce Cloud platform, Zaelab can equip your B2B orgnaization with tools needed to implement a world-class commerce solution designed to drive results. Our accelerator ensures rapid time-to-market with a a solution completely based on B2B best practices.

  • Technical approach​
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Data definition
  • Dependencies identification​
  • Test strategy/plan​
  • Sprint execution and demos
  • Backlog grooming​
  • Blocker resolution
  • Bug triage
  • Enhancements planning
  • Platform support
  • Security and compliance

SAP Commerce Cloud Integrations

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Adopt a composable commerce approach, and integrate your SAP Commerce Cloud instance with the leading commerce experience add-ons, including visual commerce, guided selling, leading storefronts, and more.

  • Basic configurations​
  • Storefront setup
  • Managed service integrations​
  • Best-in-class third-party services

Zaelab is an award-winning SAP implementation partner.

Learn more about our partnership with SAP and how Zaelab can help your B2B business implement a seamless B2B commerce and customer experience platform.

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