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B2B organizations are adopting MACH and composable commerce practices to deliver unmatched user experiences.

Legacy commerce is dead.

Farewell inflexible commerce architectures. Zaelab supports modern B2B commerce architectures including MACH, headless commerce, and composable commerce to individualize commerce components and build a world-class commerce stack that delivers an optimized user experience.

Our B2B clients who have adopted MACH/composable commerce architectures are outperforming the competition and staying in front of B2B buyer needs.

What is Mach vs. Headless Commerce vs. Composable Commerce?


MACH is an acronym for flexible technology principles. It breaks down traditional monolithic commerce applications and transitions B2B organizations to an independent architecture.

Microservices: Individual business capabilities that can be deployed on their own
APIs: Interface that allows two separate components to interact
Cloud Native: SaaS and always scalable
Headless Commerce: Decoupled frontend and backend


Headless commerce refers to decoupling the frontend and the backend of a commerce system. With the frontend untethered from the backend, B2B organizations can focus on beautiful and conversion-driven user experiences without limitations.


Composable commerce is the layer that wraps up headless and MACH practices and leads with user cases versus prioritizing the developer experience. Composable commerce enables B2B organizations to choose all of the best commerce components and flexibly bring them together.

Zaelab joins the MACH Alliance to propel B2B commerce transformation

Zaelab is a proud member of the MACH Alliance, united in the mission to advocate for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems. Bringing B2B expertise and focus to the alliance, Zaelab will work with MACH to give B2B companies a deeper level of agility, allowing them to deliver new features to customers at speed. Read Press Release

Why Successful B2B Businesses are Embracing Composable Commerce

Discover why composable commerce is a new type of agility, fully capable of optimizing B2B commerce experiences.

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