Simplify Complex Deals with CPQ

Streamline channel experiences, enhance buying patterns, and centralize order history.

B2B Configure Price Quote

Many CPQ platforms have restricted capabilities, and in B2B, these limitations can be challenging to navigate. With the right CPQ and guided selling solution, B2B organizations can boast a simplified, flexible, and solution-based experience that simplifies configuration for complex products.

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Flexible Experiences

Leading CPQ solutions boast a flexible architecture, meaning the platform is headless and API-based, and allows B2B organizations to power their own custom frontend experience without time-intensive configurations.

  • Create powerful yet simple experiences for sales reps
  • Access a centralized administrative portal 
  • Integrate seamlessly with leading B2B commerce platforms

Advanced Configuration Logic

Moving away from restricted, traditional or built-in CPQ solutions, modern CPQ and guided selling platforms enable B2B sellers to configure and sell even the most complex products in real-time, while significantly reducing admin effort.

  • Reduce quote lines
  • Real-time configuration processing
  • Low-code / no-code CPQ functionalities for complex pricing


Instead of selling parts, offer custom solutions that fit the exact requirements.

  • Process thousands of rules instantly
  • Unlock any limitations for high-volume product rules and options
  • Empower reps with an intelligent experience
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