Delight and convert buyers with an effective search and discovery experience implemented by a leading Algolia partner.

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Zaelab is an Aloglia product search-as-a-service implementation partner, specializing in B2B delivery. Both manufacturers and distributors with extensive catalogs and next-generation buyers benefit from Algolia’s powerful search and navigation capabilities. 

Delivered as a set of building blocks, Algolia’s hosted search API provides product teams with the resources and tools that extend beyond standard search functionality offered by commerce platforms. Zaelab’s Algolia implementation and customization team’s experience and pre-built commerce platform plugins guarantee a short time to market for effective search and discovery experiences that delight and convert prospective buyers.

Why Partner with Zaelab to Implement Algolia?
Algolia Implementation Benefits
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Algolia Benefits

5X Faster Development
Zaelab's API building blocks connector tools work with any commerce platform to build production-ready search experiences, rapidly.
+30% Revenue
Seamlessly connect those B2B buyers with strong purchase intent to their needs without requiring extensive site exploration or trial-and-error searches.
+10% Page Views
Run promotions that can be connected with certain queries, driving users to further engage with the products or content.

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