B2B Commerce Platforms

A leading B2B brand needs a best-in-class commerce platform. Allow us to acquaint you.

Implement a B2B commerce platform that will delight your customers with a partner that understands your B2B business.

B2B Platform Strategy

Hone your competitive differentiator with an exceptional digital experience. Zaelab is the B2B go-to partner for developing next-generation platform strategies that consider industry gaps and opportunities, custom architectures, recommended integrations, and detailed implementation roadmaps that are aligned to your B2B business’s objectives.

Global Architecture

Deliver a user experience and digital architecture that can support your global B2B business. Zaelab solution architects, designers, and developers can work with your B2B business to develop, deliver, and maintain a globally consistent, digital user experience.

Platform Implementation

Zaelab merges consulting, technology, customer experience, and design colleagues to achieve incredible solutions at the intersection of business, brand, and technology. Get an unbiased opinion of your current market positioning, what opportunities exist for your B2B business and what gaps need to be closed. These insights will help your B2B organization select best-suited commerce technology and platforms, plus Zaelab can provide an action plan and implementation timeline, broken down by phases.

Customer Experience Management

Close the gap between how your B2B organization perceives customer satisfaction and its actual satisfaction rates. By deeply understanding your audience and business objectives, Zaelab can leverage its expert UX services to establish brand trust and exponential growth for your B2B brand. Focused on developing an interaction-rich and highly personalized experience, Zaelab can ensure your experience surprises and delights customers while driving repeat transactions.

B2B Marketplaces

Own the customer relationship and experience, while relieving your B2B business of delivery, warehousing, logistics, and other operational burdens. An online marketplace enables your B2B organization to sell its own products and services, along with products from third parties. This allows your businesses to offer more product selection and create a Direct-to-Consumers revenue channel without causing channel conflict. Zaelab can guide your business in navigating supplier relationships and launching a best-in-class B2B commerce platform with built-in native marketplace and order management capabilities.

Partners & Solutions

B2B Commerce Platforms

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Zaelab offers rapid Salesforce B2B & B2B2C Commerce services and extensive experience with value-added third-party integrations.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Zaelab is an award-winning SAP Commerce Cloud and customer Experience implementation partner and well versed in enabling B2B organizations to create seamless buying experiences for customers.

B2B Marketplaces

Zaelab enables its B2B clients to be exclusively focused on their own customers with marketplace-based collaborative commerce technology.

Partners & Solutions

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