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Zaelab is an Aloglia product search-as-a-service implementation partner preferred for the B2B vertical. Both Manufacturers and Distributors with extensive catalogs and buyers seeking a smart B2C shopping experience benefit from Algolia’s powerful search and navigation capabilities. Delivered as a set of building blocks, Algolia’s hosted search API provides product teams with the resources and tools that extend beyond standard search functionality offered by commerce platforms.

Zaelab’s Algolia implementation and customization team’s experience and pre-built commerce platform plugins guarantee a short time to market for effective search and discovery experiences that delight and convert prospective buyers.

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Why Partner with Zaelab to Implement Algolia?

Zaelab has been an Algolia partner since 2019 and a recognized expert in headless B2B commerce platform implementations

Proven experience in combining multiple data sources, dynamic inventory, document formats, and complex data sets for the best customer search experience

Zaelab's ZWay methodology and pre-built Algolia plugins for leading commerce platforms that compress the go-to-market timeline

A strong team of consultants and expert system integrators experienced in solving a variety of B2B challenges across multiple industries

Headless Commerce for B2B Enterprises

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What is Algolia Search?

Algolia enables B2B companies to deliver fast and relevant digital search experiences that drive real results. With Algolia’s advanced search capabilities, consumers can easily find and discover what they want across the web, mobile, and voice, driving online engagement, conversion rates, and revenue. Algolia offers robust search capabilities including typo tolerance, synonym detection,  search rules, transparent relevancy criteria,  query suggestions, custom ranking options,  filters and facets,  A/B testing capabilities,  multilingual support, and search personalization.

How Zaelab partners with Algolia

With much experience bringing the Algolia search engine to market with enterprise companies, Zaelab can deliver proof of concept in days and implement the solution in a matter of weeks, seamlessly integrating with the entire commerce experience. Zaelab also works with clients to evaluate and improve the search results to provide the ultimate customer experience in an iterative manner.

Algolia creates meaningful digital experiences

Site Search Experiences

Zaelab can implement Algolia as part of your commerce site experience to integrate content from across your online properties and build an intuitive site search & discovery experience.

Mobile Search Experiences

Algolia’s platform infrastructure, API & UX tools optimize mobile search performance.

Search on Any Platform

Zaelab's pre-build API clients, UI libraries, frameworks, and platform integration connectors enable rapid integration with Salesforce, Adobe, Shopify, and many key commerce platforms.

“Algolia can help generate $73 million in increased revenue over the course of three years for representative companies and save businesses over $300,000 in development and maintenance costs over the same time period.”

Algolia Clients See

5x faster development

With Zaelab's API building blocks connector tools that work with any commerce platform to build production-ready search experiences in no time.

+30% revenue

By seamlessly connecting customers with strong purchase intent to their needs without requiring extensive site exploration or trial-and-error searches.

+10% page views

Due to promotions that can be connected with certain queries, driving users to further engage with the products or content.

Select Zaelab Clients:


BiolVT Delivers Headless
B2B Digital Experience

Learn how BioIVT and Zaelab partnered to undergo abusiness transformation to digitize the sales of complexproducts using an advanced Algolia search feature set.

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