Platform Strategy

Work with a digital advisor to develop a comprehensive platform strategy, designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Platform Strategy

Delivering an exceptional digital experience is a competitive differentiator for your business. But where to begin? And what strategic plan is fuelling these initiatives? Zaelab advisory services can help your company identify gaps and opportunities, and develop a platform strategy that will work best for your business.

Different technology architectures work better for different businesses. Zaelab advisors can work with your business to identify what types of architecture frameworks will best position your business for growth: monolith or microservices. Auditing your organization’s readiness, suitability, and current technologies, Zaelab will compare findings to your business objectives to make strategic recommendations about microservices migration or implementation.

This work includes a complete technology gap analysis, new digital platform architecture, recommended integrations, technology selection advice, and a detailed implementation roadmap to suit your budget and business goals.

  • Capabilities analysis
  • Platform selection
  • Solutions architecture
  • Feature prioritization