Zaelab and Mirakl Form Strategic Partnership

April 16, 2019

WESTPORT, Conn., April 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – Zaelab, a leading digital advisory and solutions company, announced today a strategic partnership with Mirakl, the leading global marketplace solutions provider. The partnership pairs Zaelab’s disruptive advisory, execution, and growth capabilities with Mirakl’s leading technology and partner ecosystem, enabling the world’s largest B2B and B2C organizations to launch their own eCommerce marketplace.

As a global advisory and solutions company with end-to-end capabilities, Zaelab helps organizations deliver best-in-class digital experiences. “For Zaelab, it is our priority to serve our clients at every stage in their digital transformation journey,” said Evan Klein, CEO, Zaelab. “With predictions around the increased, rapid adoption of marketplaces, our partnership with Mirakl will help businesses implement sophisticated marketplace technology and, ultimately, establish themselves as leaders.”

Gartner predicts that over 50 percent of all online sellers will adopt marketplaces or include third-party sales in their eCommerce ecosystems by 2020. Moreover, 15 percent of medium- to high-GMV digital commerce organizations will have deployed their own marketplaces by 2023.

This strategic partnership comes on the heels of a Mirakl announcing a $70 million Series C round of funding led by Bain Capital Ventures and launching 37 new marketplaces in 2018. “B2C and B2B marketplaces are taking over the world of eCommerce, and Mirakl has been key to this dominance,” said Adrien Nussenbaum, U.S. CEO and co-founder, Mirakl. “We’re excited to partner with Zaelab. Their expertise paired with our marketplace technology will enable enterprises to quickly and easily expand their eCommerce capabilities by launching an online marketplace.”

Research on the Mirakl marketplace return on investment is staggering. Forrester recently conducted a Total Economic Impact Study, which sought to provide a framework to evaluate the financial impact of a Mirakl Marketplace. They found that Mirakl Marketplaces can deliver a significant 162 percent return on investment within three years and drive revenue up by $412 million over three years. Additionally, the study found that Mirakl customers experienced an average 15 percent increase in average order size and a seven percent increase in physical store sales.

Zaelab and Mirakl have initiated their strategic partnership by working with a longstanding Zaelab client – a Fortune 500 global industrial company based out of Europe. With Zaelab’s strategic guidance and recommendations, the enterprise will roll out a Mirakl marketplace in a key target region, followed by global adoption.

“Last year, online marketplaces accounted for 52 percent of global eCommerce sales and sold more merchandise than all stand-alone retail websites combined,” said Klein. “Marketplaces are redefining how we think about eCommerce and we are excited to partner with Mirakl to disrupt and outpace innovation.”

Both Zaelab and Mirakl will be at the annual SAP SAPPHIRE NOW conference next month in Orlando, Florida, showcasing how their partnership simultaneously enhances the customer experience while driving bottom-line results for enterprises.

About Zaelab

Zaelab is a leading digital advisory and solutions company. Through continuous innovation, Zaelab removes the complexity and friction of digital platform implementation and operations. Zaelab gives its clients best-in-class tools and insights so that they can deliver exceptional customer experiences. For more information:

About Mirakl

Mirakl is powering the platform economy by providing the technology and partner ecosystem needed to launch an eCommerce marketplace. With the Mirakl Marketplace Platform, both B2B and B2C businesses can offer more, learn more and sell more: increase the number of products available for buyers, grow the lifetime value of customers, and anticipate buyer needs and preferences. Committed to ease of use, The Mirakl Marketplace Platform is a turn-key solution that’s easy to integrate into any eCommerce platform and Mirakl Catalog Manager makes managing product data quality simple at marketplace scale. Mirakl’s unmatched marketplace expertise is key to customers’ success. Mirakl employs a team of 60-plus marketplace experts who help clients adopt best practices and client success provides critical long-term strategic guidance. Over 200 customers in 40 countries trust Mirakl’s proven technology and expertise including Urban Outfitters, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Best Buy Canada, Carrefour, Siemens, Toyota Material Handling, and Walmart Mexico. For more information:

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