Zaelab and VTEX Partner to Deliver B2B Marketplace-Based Collaborative Commerce Technology

May 19, 2020

WESTPORT, Connecticut (May 19, 2020) – Zaelab, a global digital advisory and solutions company, announced today a strategic partnership with VTEX, a leading marketplace-first commerce provider serving over 2,000 brands and retailers in 30 countries. Together, VTEX and Zaelab plan to deliver a best-in-class, collaborative commerce platform with a built-in native marketplace and order management capabilities to B2B organizations. This leading technology paired with expert digital advisory solutions will enable enterprises to rapidly transform their business and recognize profitability objectives.

Zaelab collaborates with leaders at B2B organizations to overcome challenges, recognize opportunities, and drive profitability through digital innovation. Calling on its advisory, execution, and growth capabilities, Zaleab coaches B2B organizations on selecting modern and agile commerce technology for rapid digital growth. “VTEX technology is disruptive and exactly what B2B enterprises need right now,” said Zaelab CEO Evan Klein. “This all-in-one software allows clients to leverage a unified marketplace, order management system, and commerce platform without having to deal with multiple vendors resulting in lengthy and expensive integration cycles. This approach results in rapid time-to-revenue and a low TCO. And, with auto-scaling cloud infrastructure and a powerful set of out-of-the-box business and developer tools, the platform is ideal for driving rapid digital transformation at the most complex organizations.”

The new partnership follows the VTEX US market expansion announcement. To meet the increased demand for modern and flexible commerce technology in America at enterprise-level organizations, VTEX leveraged its $140 million investment from Softbank to set up US headquarters and hire the best commerce talent in the country. Now, VTEX is looking to partner with leading resellers, implementers, integrated solutions, and developers across America. Zaelab is one of VTEX’s strategic American partners bringing collaborative commerce capabilities to B2B brands.

“The B2B marketplace business model is quickly expanding in the U.S. but customers don’t want to juggle multiple solutions to make this work. VTEX enables fast time-to-revenue,” said VTEX Chief Strategy Officer Amit Shah. “By partnering with Zaelab, we’re able to better serve B2B organizations that are looking to expand their commerce strategy and implement a collaborative commerce platform with the native marketplace and OMS capabilities. We’re excited to partner with an organization that is as dedicated as we are to supporting B2B companies in a time of unprecedented transformation.”

Marketplace popularity is on the rise. In a recent report released by Digital Commerce 360, the data shared that marketplaces account for over 50% of global online sales with customers spending over $2 trillion. Moreover, within the last five years, B2B marketplaces industries have diversified, and today over 70% of these marketplaces are across 13 unique industries.

“At Zaelab, we are enabling our clients to be exclusively focused on their own customers,” said Klein. “And, in order to achieve this, our clients must be equipped with the leading tools and insights they need to deliver exceptional and innovative experiences. That’s why we are thrilled to bring the VTEX B2B marketplace-based collaborative commerce technology to our clients.”

The VTEX and Zaelab partnership is effective immediately. The two firms have begun collaborating and are positioned to guide B2B organizations in expanding their reach with this marketplace solution.

About Zaelab
Zaelab is a digital commerce advisory and solutions company. Through continuous innovation, Zaelab removes the complexity and friction of digital platform implementation and operations. Zaelab gives its clients best-in-class tools and insights so that they can deliver exceptional customer experiences. For more information please visit

About VTEX
VTEX is the first and only global, fully integrated, end-to-end commerce solution with the native marketplace and OMS capabilities. We help companies in retail, manufacturing, wholesale, grocery, consumer packaged goods, and other verticals to sell more, operate more efficiently, scale seamlessly and deliver remarkable customer experience. Our modern microservices-based architecture and our powerful business and developer tools allow VTEX to future-proof our customers’ businesses and free them from software updates. Major brands including Sony, Walmart, Whirlpool, Coca-Cola, Stanley Black & Decker, Pizza Hut, and Nestlé, plus 2,000+ active customers in 30 countries, trust VTEX to accelerate and transform their commerce. Visit to learn more.

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