See you at B2B Online 2023!

April 13, 2023

At Zaelab, we’re the only partner that is 100% focused on B2B next-generation commerce solutions. Pair us with the only industry event proven to bring together the best of B2B, and forces collide.

This year, Zaelab will be exhibiting and speaking at B2B Online in Chicago. And as we put the finishing touches on our booth and speaker notes, we’re feeling energized by the step-changes we’re seeing in B2B digital commerce and the opportunities that B2B Online presents to further industry innovation and connection.

In this post, we want to share more about:

  • B2B commerce industry innovation that we’re sure to hear more of the event;
  • What we’re most excited for at B2B Online 2023; and,
  • Where you can find, connect, and network with Zaelab this year.

What We’re Noticing Across the B2B Commerce Landscape

Over the last few months, we explicitly shared what digital commerce strides we’re seeing trend. 

  • Composable Commerce
    Encapsulating headless and MACH practices, composable commerce solves problems at the business use case level,  by enabling flexibility on the frontend. The result is differentiated and custom experiences and business models.

  • Visual Commerce
    Today, leading B2B visual commerce solutions close the gap between complex selling and enhanced buying experiences through interactive 3D product experiences that enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Guided Selling
    B2B guided selling is next-generation solution selling. Instead of relying on subjective research, intuition, and basic content, sales playbooks have been replaced by an AI selling strategy. Guided selling is about helping B2B buyers find the right product, right now.

At B2B Online, we want to talk to attendees more about the importance and impact of these trends on winning B2B digital experiences.

What We’re Excited About for B2B Online 2023

We’re thrilled to take part in the 10th annual B2B Online event this year in Chicago, the world’s leading digital commerce and marketing conference for manufacturers and distributors. With three thematic days ahead, Zaelab looks forward to both imparting and absorbing knowledge, while spending uninterrupted time with our clients, partners, and industry folks.

The first day’s topics will focus on transformation. Day two hones the customer experience. And finally, on day three, the event will shift gears towards growth and sales and how digital commerce can accelerate business goals.  

From stacked thought leadership presentations and fireside chats, to networking events and the opportunity to mingle in Chi-town, there is so much to look forward to at B2B Online this year. Us here at Zaelab, we’re really excited for a couple of things:

  • Connecting with Our Partners
    We’ll be onsite with some of our key partners: Salesforce, Pimly,, and Algolia. And on day one, we’re eager to tune into a client case study presentation by both Salesforce and that showcases how best-in-class composable digital commerce solutions can accelerate B2B innovation.

  • Andy Hoar vs. Brian Beck Debate
    Andy Hoar and Brian Beck, influential thought leaders and B2B Online cofounders will flex their debating skills on day two, challenging this question: will Amazon destroy traditional distribution? Our ears will be perked as we tune into the conversation addressing this million-dollar question.

  • Zaelab’s Keynote Presentation
    On day three, Zaelab’s CEO will present before the entire delegation alongside leading industry executives. Join us to learn why B2B is finally ditching one-size-fits-all tech and shifting towards a composable commerce approach to flexibly bring together all of the best commerce components and deliver an unmatched user experience.

Where to Find Zaelab

The event will be held May 1-3, 2023 at the Chicago Marriott Downtown. Zaelab will be exhibiting at booth #206 in the EXPO — stop by to meet our team, enjoy a warm beverage, and talk all things B2B digital commerce. The team will also be available to meet 1:1 throughout the week, and we hope to see you at Evan’s keynote address on day three.

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