BREAKING: Zaelab Launches Digital Exchange to Facilitate Movement of Essential Medical PPE

April 8, 2020

WESTPORT, Connecticut (April 2, 2020) – Zaelab, a global digital advisory and solutions company, announces the launch of, a peer-to-peer exchange for qualified institutions and suppliers to facilitate the movement of essential medical protective equipment. is a not-for-profit digital exchange designed to connect medical facilities with qualified suppliers of goods. The exchange serves as a solution to the COVID-19 protective equipment supply shortage and enables the redistribution of masks, cleaning supplies, ventilators, hospital beds, and more.

“The global shortage of protective equipment is about to worsen and have a severe impact on the war against COVID-19,” says Zaelab CEO Evan Klein. “Zaelab has always been in the business of connecting B2B suppliers and buyers. We knew that we had to leverage our internal skills and knowledge to help protect our frontline healthcare workers and stop the spread of the virus.” uses a cloud-native marketplace model to facilitate the exchange of supply and demand. Upon qualification, users can sign in to provide or access inventory. Suppliers have the ability to post available protective equipment inventory and/or find qualified institutions in need within a certain mile radius to share supplies with. Medical facilities in need can search available inventory and request the protective equipment they require most.

“In the coming days, Zaelab will continue to build awareness amongst qualified medical institutions and suppliers,” says Klein. “If you or someone you are connected with could benefit from accessing the supply exchange, please share to help stop the spread of COVID-19.”

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