Digitally Transforming HLS | Part 2: Creating a Consumerized Buying Experience in Life Sciences

April 29, 2024

Blog Mini-Series Foreword

Welcome to our 3-part blog series on navigating the intricate world of digital selling in the health and life sciences industry. In this series, we'll discuss the complexities and next-gen tactics HLS businesses face and should embrace to win in the market. Be sure to check out each video for a deeper dive into insights and strategies to optimize HLS digital selling efforts.

Creating a Consumerized Buying Experience in Life Sciences

In HLS, meeting buyer expectations is no longer just about delivering a product – it's about offering a seamless, consumerized buying experience. In this series installment, we explore how the industry can adapt to this shift by prioritizing simplicity, agility, and innovation.

Buyers now expect the same level of convenience and customization they have with their personal shopping experiences. The problem is that B2B sales in HLS are much more complex, requiring new technology and approaches to offer a consumerized buying experience.

The key strategies to overcome this challenge are to:

  • Focus on Priorities: Companies should prioritize the most crucial elements that contribute to a consumerized buying experience. By honing in on these priorities, they can deliver value to customers more efficiently.

  • Create an MVP: Rather than aiming for perfection from the outset, the emphasis should be on developing a Minimum Viable Product. This allows companies to get their offering into the hands of customers faster, gather feedback, and iterate based on real-world insights. It's a lean and agile approach that fosters continuous improvement.

To achieve a truly consumerized buying experience, life sciences companies need a robust technological foundation. The key features that this industry requires include:

  • Product Configurator for Complex Configurations
  • Biocompatibility and Material Compatibility Checks:
  • Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Material and Component Tracking
  • Service and Maintenance Planning
  • Compatibility with Unique Sales Channels

In our next and final blog post of the series, we'll provide a demo of a solution that seamlessly integrates these features, revolutionizing the digital selling experience in life sciences.

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