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5 Strategies for Creating Seamless Omnichannel CPQ Experiences

December 11, 2023

In B2B manufacturing, the adoption of a seamless and customer-centric Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) experience is no longer a choice - it's a necessity. The shift towards an Omnichannel CPQ - a comprehensive approach that integrates CPQ processes across all sales and distribution channels to provide a seamless and consistent experience for customers - is a game-changer. It's offering manufacturers  powerful strategies to redefine how they navigate the complexities of selling intricate products across diverse channels.

Here are five strategies that B2B manufacturers can adopt to leverage technology and design to optimize complex products sales across every channel.

  1. Provide user-friendly interfaces, designed to convert.
    Your omnichannel CPQ experience is only as intuitive as its user interface (UI). Manufacturers need to ensure that CPQ experiences are accessible and delightful across all channels. By embracing foundational UI principles like responsive design, loading performance, and being open to user testing and feedback, manufacturers can streamline product configuration and quoting through a user-friendly design, reducing the risk of customer frustration and errors.

  2. Create a single source of truth with consistent product information.
    Across every sales channel, customers expect to receive the same product details, specifications, and features. Product information consistency is essential, calling for manufacturers to centralize data and eliminate discrepancies. A single source of truth for all product data, maintained by automated processes to keep everything up-to-date, is critical in nurturing buyer confidence.

  3. Put the customer first with dynamic pricing and configuration options.
    In B2B manufacturing, customers have various needs, driving the demand for configuration functionalities. By also implementing flexible pricing strategies that respond to buyer behaviors, manufacturers can help customers build solutions perfectly aligned with their requirements. This enhances the customer experience and is essential to conversions.

  4. Lead customers to the finish line with guided selling and product recommendations.
    Guided selling, a next-generation solution selling approach that leverages AI, data, trends, and enhanced visual capabilities to more effectively address buyer needs, delivers a hyper-personalized experience. This is a powerful omnichannel CPQ tool that leads customers through the configuration and quoting process step-by-step, and harnesses data to provide intelligent product recommendations. This approach streamlines decision-making and generates upsell opportunities.

  5. Curb complexities with the power of product visualization.
    Manufacturing buyers are demanding exceptional and faster user experiences. Configure complex products simply and in real-time using 3D or augmented reality to help buyers visualize their purchase without technology limitations. Product visualization enables buyers to see their configurations, reduce ambiguity, and expedite the sales process.

Embracing these five strategies empowers manufacturers to keep pace with the digital revolution. The omnichannel CPQ experience can be a beacon of innovation, streamlining operations, and enhancing customer engagement in the dynamic world of B2B manufacturing - when implemented well. Curious about integrating a robust omnichannel CPQ experience into your digital experience? Talk to Zaelab.

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