Zaelab's Life Sciences Connect Accelerator: Revolutionizing B2B eCommerce for Medical Organizations

October 16, 2023

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, where innovation is the key to success, Zaelab is excited to take a monumental step forward with the launch of Life Sciences Connect — a solution custom-tailored for the life sciences and medical device industries. 

Developed in partnership with industry giants Salesforce, Pimly,, and Threekit, Life Sciences Connect is a revolutionary eCommerce platform. Built on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud robust foundation, this solution is poised to redefine the way pharmaceutical and medical device organizations engage with their customers and streamline their operations. 

With prebuilt integrations seamlessly linking Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Pimly,, and Threekit, this platform propels organizations forward with efficiency and versatility. Pimly facilitates robust product management, offers guided selling and advanced product configuration, while Threekit provides cutting-edge product visualization — particularly vital in the complex world of medical devices.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the features and benefits of Zaelab's Life Sciences Connect, revealing:

  • Expedited time-to-market, 
  • Streamlined expenses, and
  • Elevated user journeys

With Life Sciences Connect, the future of digital engagement in the life sciences sector is poised to deliver tangible success and innovation to industry leaders. 

Introducing Life Sciences Connect

Here at Zaelab, we’ve worked with a number of life sciences organizations. And while every business’s market offerings have differed, these organizations have stood united in facing similar challenges. 

Health and life sciences organizations are marked by stringent regulatory requirements, rapidly shifting customer expectations, and the imperative to navigate complex data and product information. Needless to say, the user experience tends to rank last priority. The urgency of regulatory compliance, data accuracy, and product safety can sometimes overshadow the need for a seamless and engaging digital journey. But, recognizing the pivotal role of the digital user experience in building trust, fostering customer loyalty, and staying competitive is paramount.

In the health and life sciences sectors, where trust and credibility are incredibly important, prioritizing the user experience becomes not just a competitive advantage but a necessity. Life Sciences Connect recognizes this need and offers a comprehensive solution that harmonizes regulatory compliance, data accuracy, and an exceptional user experience to empower organizations for success.

Build on the Salesforce B2B Commerce Foundation

Salesforce B2B Commerce stands as the foundation for Life Sciences Connect. At its core, Salesforce B2B Commerce offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, adapting effortlessly to the ever-evolving demands of B2B transactions. Its robust framework allows businesses to create tailored, engaging, and efficient online storefronts, providing customers with an exceptional buying experience. 

Because Salesforce B2B Commerce excels in personalization and customer engagement, health and life sciences companies can deliver targeted content, product recommendations, and pricing models, creating an unmatched level of customization that fosters strong client relationships and boosts sales effectiveness. 

Its user-friendly interface, robust analytics, and continuous updates further point to Salesforce B2B Commerce as the go-to foundation for Life Sciences Connect.

Prebuilt Integration for Seamless Operations

The backbone of Life Sciences Connect is the seamless integration with key partners: Pimly,, and Threekit. These pre-built integrations play a pivotal role in augmenting the functionalities of Life Sciences Connect.

Pimly: Empowering Robust Product Information Management Natively on Salesforce

Pimly facilitates efficient product information management within Life Sciences Connect. For life sciences and medical device organizations dealing with extensive product catalogs, Pimly acts as a powerful ally. It streamlines the process of cataloging, organizing, and updating product information, ensuring data accuracy and consistency across the platform. With Pimly's capabilities, managing product data is simplified, enabling organizations to focus on what truly matters — delivering high-quality healthcare solutions. An additional benefit is that Salesforce users can leverage this critical PIM information for every Salesforce Cloud. Guided Selling and Advanced Product Configuration transforms the customer experience within Life Sciences Connect by offering guided selling and advanced product configuration. This feature empowers customers to navigate through complex product offerings with ease. Users can not only find the right products quickly but also customize them to meet their unique requirements.'s intelligent algorithms provide recommendations and options that align perfectly with customer needs, enhancing user satisfaction and driving sales in the process.

Threekit: Product Visualization 

Threekit is the visual storyteller of Life Sciences Connect. It allows buyers to navigate and build health sciences products and solutions to their exact specifications with stunning 3D product visualizations. 

Items like medical devices often require precise specifications and features that customers need to understand thoroughly before making a purchase. Threekit enables users to interact with these products in 3D, allowing for a deeper understanding of their intricacies. 

For example, Brasseler, a division of Henry Schien, worked with Threekit to allow dental surgeons the ability to configure dental surgery kits. This is important because dental surgeons have very personalized wants and needs in terms of the tools they prefer and the order of the tools to perform certain dental procedures.   

This immersive experience not only boosts customer confidence but also reduces the likelihood of returns or misunderstandings, ultimately increasing conversion rates.

Why Choose Life Sciences Connect? 

At its core, Life Sciences Connect distinguishes itself through its prebuilt functionality, paving the way for next-generation capabilities. Its seamless integrations ensure robust product management, guided selling, advanced product configuration, and immersive product visualizations. This comprehensive approach enhances product data accuracy, elevates the customer experience, and empowers life and health sciences organizations to present their products digitally with unmatched clarity.

One of the most compelling aspects of Life Sciences Connect is its ability to facilitate rapid deployment. Life Sciences Connect streamlines the implementation process, saving valuable time and resources. This fast-time-to-market enables organizations to swiftly adapt to market dynamics, or launch new products or updates with ease. 

Life Sciences Connect is also profoundly cost-effective, reducing the burden of extensive customization and development. And, the enhanced user experience is at the forefront, thanks to intuitive navigation, product personalization, and immersive 3D visualizations. 

Life Sciences Connect is not just an eCommerce platform; it's a transformative force that empowers pharmaceutical and medical device companies to thrive in the digital era. With prebuilt functionality, rapid deployment capabilities, and an array of benefits that include faster time to market, cost-effectiveness, and an enhanced user experience, choosing Life Sciences Connect represents a strategic decision to elevate your organization's digital presence and redefine success in the life sciences industry.

Interested in elevating your eCommerce strategy with Zaelab’s Life Sciences Connect accelerator? Talk to us today.

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