The Future of B2B Commerce | Part 3: Collaborative Commerce

April 2, 2024
Blog Mini-Series Foreword

As the CEO of Zaelab, I have the privilege of working with some of the top global brands and through these partnerships, we are pushing the boundaries of traditional B2B commerce experiences. Our passionate team of experienced technology and strategy consultants is taking the learnings gained to reinvent core areas of the B2B experience. In this mini-series, I’m excited to share a sneak peek into Zaelab’s strategic thinking for 2024 and the focus areas we believe will redefine the future of B2B commerce.

Collaborative Commerce

Let’s discuss collaborative commerce in the B2B sector. How can we leverage familiar consumer interaction models to streamline complex B2B collaborations? Zaelab envisions a dynamic, interactive, and efficient collaboration environment, to revolutionize lengthy sales cycles and enhance the overall customer experience.

Collaborative commerce represents a transformative approach in the B2B sector, leveraging the seamless interaction models familiar in consumer applications - such as SMS, messaging, and notifications - which are underutilized in B2B. 

One of Zaelab's clients, an industrial manufacturer, was facing long sales cycles of over six months. This client's process for bid submittals involves complex engineering and architectural drawings, requiring potentially hundreds of iterations before an order is finalized. 

Traditionally, these extensive collaborations unfold offline, through phone calls or emails, introducing inefficiencies and potential for error. Zaelab posits that B2B enterprises can gain significantly from integrating collaborative tools—messaging, project management, and file-sharing capabilities—directly within the quoting and order management process. Such integration can dramatically streamline the iteration process for complex B2B orders, reducing the time and effort required to reach finalization, and enhancing the customer experience with a more dynamic, interactive, and efficient collaboration environment.

Collaborative commerce is the key to unlocking efficiency in B2B collaborations. Zaelab's integration of collaborative tools within the quoting and order management process sets the stage for more streamlined and error-free collaboration, significantly reducing the time and effort required to finalize complex B2B orders.

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