The Future of B2B Commerce | Part 2: Converged Commerce

March 26, 2024
Blog Mini-Series Foreword

As the CEO of Zaelab, I have the privilege of working with some of the top global brands and through these partnerships, we are pushing the boundaries of traditional B2B commerce experiences. Our passionate team of experienced technology and strategy consultants is taking the learnings gained to reinvent core areas of the B2B experience. In this mini-series, I’m excited to share a sneak peek into Zaelab’s strategic thinking for 2024 and the focus areas we believe will redefine the future of B2B commerce.

Converged Commerce 

In part two of our mini-series, we explore how Zaelab is tackling the challenge of underutilized portals by seamlessly integrating traditional ordering channels with digital commerce platforms. 

The concept of converged commerce, as envisioned by Zaelab, addresses a pivotal challenge in the B2B sector: the underutilization of eCommerce self-service portals, through which companies currently process, at best, 20% of their total order volume. Converged commerce proposes an innovative solution by integrating traditional ordering channels—such as EDI, Punchout, fax, and email—directly with digital commerce platforms. 

Integrating these various channels in B2B commerce creates a unified customer experience that surpasses the limitations of current commerce systems. While these systems may handle simple transactions well, they often struggle with more intricate scenarios like product configuration, visualization, and subscriptions. The integration of diverse channels, coupled with a cohesive view in digital commerce experiences, enables brands to thrive in the digital landscape. This approach effectively closes the gap between traditional and digital commerce, addressing the multifaceted needs of B2B customers comprehensively.

Converged commerce is the gateway to a harmonized B2B experience, where the limitations of traditional ordering channels are eliminated. Zaelab's innovative approach positions brands with a cohesive view that caters to the diverse needs of B2B customers.

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