Salesforce Dreamforce 2023 Recap: Embracing the Power of Data, Commerce, and Revenue

September 26, 2023

Zaelab was thrilled to attend Salesforce's annual Dreamforce conference this month in San Francisco. This year’s Dreamforce was an immersive experience that brought together visionaries, innovators, and trailblazers from around the globe and the future of user experience and technology converged. 

Among the many highlights at Dreamforce was the event we co-hosted with our partner, Threekit. Together, we presented a session on 'Elevating B2B and Manufacturing Sales,' where we delved into the latest trends and strategies driving success in these industries. We showcased real-world case studies, shared best practices, and explored the ways in which our partnership with Threekit is enabling businesses to create immersive, interactive product experiences that drive conversions and customer satisfaction.

Beyond the incredible sessions and keynotes, Dreamforce proved to be an invaluable platform for us to connect, collaborate, and network with our clients and partners. Attendees were made privy to several technology and product insights, and Salesforce delved into three pivotal areas of the business: 

  • Data Cloud
  • B2B Commerce & AI
  • Revenue Cloud

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at these three components and share our key takeaways about how these innovations and strategies are reshaping the future of technology.

Unlocking Real-Time Insights with Salesforce Data Cloud 

Data Cloud is a game-changing solution that empowers organizations with a unified, real-time view of their customer data, without the need for extensive coding or complex setup. 

Real-Time Data from Any Source 

Salesforce Data Cloud enables you to harness the power of real-time data from a multitude of connected sources. Whether it's B2B Commerce, other Salesforce instances, website interaction events, or Marketing Cloud, the Data Cloud seamlessly integrates this information, ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute understanding of your customer base. 

Effortless Data Integration 

One of the standout features of Data Cloud is its user-friendly approach to data integration. Creating data streams to link external sources and ingest data in real-time has been simplified. With just a few steps to link, map, and update data, organizations can rapidly build a Hyper Lakehouse, providing a holistic view of their data landscape without the need for extensive custom coding. 

Pre-Built Connections and Connectors 

Data Cloud further simplifies the integration process with pre-built connections for various sources. These include B2B Commerce, Salesforce Instances, and websites, making it easy to consolidate data from different touchpoints. The platform offers 'out of the box' connections and access to hundreds of pre-built connectors through the Mulesoft Anypoint Exchange, ensuring a vast ecosystem of data sources at your disposal. 

Unified Data Models and Advanced Resolution 

The Data Cloud introduces the concept of "Data Models" to resolve conflicts between different data sources, providing a shared definition that unifies your data. Sophisticated matching and reconciliation rules go further to deduplicate and harmonize ingested data, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your customer insights. 

Empowering High-Level Use Cases 

Organizations can create a Hyper Lakehouse that combines data effortlessly, view a 360-degree unified customer profile, perform in-depth data analysis, and gain calculated insights. The platform integrates seamlessly with Einstein AI, enabling predictive analytics while providing the tools needed to take action on your data using the full suite of Salesforce platform capabilities.

B2B Commerce & AI: Bridging the Trust Gap with Salesforce 

Data is the lifeblood of modern business, and the integrity of that data is non-negotiable. Unfortunately, today exists the trust gap — a divide between stored data in CRM systems, the Salesforce Data Cloud, and Large Language Models (LLMs) used for generative AI. This trust gap can give rise to feelings of uncertainty, where data seems like isolated islands, and concerns about LLMs taking control of valuable information can emerge. Data hallucinations, bias, and toxicity can further exacerbate this trust gap. 

But, where challenges arise solutions follow closely behind. As a trusted leader in CRM and AI, Salesforce now offers a robust answer to these concerns: the Einstein Trust Layer. This layer serves as a guardian of trust between the CRM system and the LLMs utilized for generative AI. 

Securing Your Data with Salesforce Trust 

The Einstein Trust Layer is a comprehensive framework designed to bolster trust and data integrity. Key elements it brings to the forefront include:

  • Secure Data Retrieval: Ensuring that data is accessed and used securely, with strict controls in place
  • Dynamic Grounding: Establishing a foundation of trust by grounding AI-generated content in factual, reliable data
  • Data Masking: Protecting sensitive information by concealing it from unauthorized access 
  • Toxicity Detection: Identifying and mitigating any toxic or harmful content generated by AI 
  • Auditing: Providing transparency and traceability by recording all data interactions
  • Zero Retention: Implementing a policy of data non-retention, reducing the risk associated with data storage

Boosting Merchant Productivity and Automation 

The Einstein Trust Layer also empowers businesses to leverage the full potential of AI in B2B commerce. It serves as the bridge that allows for secure, efficient, and effective interactions between CRM systems and LLMs. This opens the door to a world of opportunities for B2B ecommerce. AI can handle tasks like generating product descriptions, creating smart promotions, and tracking order statuses. On the flipside, AI can personalize many aspects of the buying experience, from suggesting products and promotions to providing insights into return rates. Features like Commerce Concierge and return rate insights offer an unparalleled level of customization. 

Revenue Cloud: Revolutionizing Document Generation and Management 

At Dreamforce Salesforce showcased the ongoing evolution of Revenue Cloud, a robust solution with a proven track record. This innovative platform is continuously enhancing its capabilities to comprehensively address customer Lead to Cash and Quote to Cash needs, solidifying its reputation as a groundbreaking tool within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Streamlined Document Generation with Salesforce Doc Gen 

Salesforce Doc Gen stands as an impressive capability accessible to customers with the CPQ+ license. This robust tool enables businesses to effortlessly create the necessary documents, all within the familiar Salesforce environment. Whether it's proposals, contracts, or any other critical document, Doc Gen simplifies the process, delivering significant time and efficiency gains.

Backing Salesforce Doc Gen is OmniStudio, a versatile platform that enables Doc Gen to pull data from virtually any source, whether on or off the Salesforce platform. It fetches and formats data, creating beautifully designed and easily accessible documents. 

Unleash the Full Potential of Salesforce 

Revenue Cloud's capabilities transcend quotes and invoices, offering versatility that can be harnessed throughout the Salesforce ecosystem. Now, with the introduction of Salesforce Contracts, a brand-new feature brimming with advanced functionalities such as an approved clause library, clause approvals, versioning, redlining, and seamless integration with Microsoft Word, you can automate Contract Lifecycle Management right within the platform. 

Sales teams can effortlessly generate contracts at any stage in the sales cycle, whether it's opportunities, orders, or quotes. Utilizing standardized and auto-populated contract templates, Revenue Cloud ensures that each contract complies with pre-approved terms and conditions while seamlessly integrating CRM data. The platform streamlines the entire contract lifecycle, enabling users to automate approvals, capture e-signatures, and securely store both draft and executed contracts within CRM.

Revenue Cloud is a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to streamline their document workflows, ensure accuracy and compliance, and drive efficiency throughout the entire B2B commerce process. 

As a Salesforce partner, we are proud to be at the forefront of these advancements, enabling us to better serve our clients by harnessing the latest tools and technologies.

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