A Visual Tool for Assessing Commerce Components

June 6, 2023

Here at Zaelab, we have been living and breathing composable commerce. We are well-versed in commerce components, how to bring them together, and what mixes well together to make an exceptional user experience. 

For our B2B clients, this initial assessment can feel overwhelming. 

That’s why we created a visual tool to help guide clients in interpreting the composable commerce landscape. In our Periodic Table of Commerce Elements, we’ve created and refined the critical elements that B2B organizations require to deliver industry-leading commerce solutions. It’s a fantastic tool for visualizing and benchmarking alike.

Take a look:

Interpreting B2B Commerce Elements

The periodic table is a great starting point. From there, our B2B clients tend to pose more questions. What elements are required, not required, or advanced? What comes out of the box with commerce platforms, versus what should be adapted, enhanced, or eliminated?

In the coming weeks, we’ll answer these questions for everyone. We will dive deep into each of the components on the Periodic Table of B2B Commerce Elements and share its:

  • Necessity
  • Interactions with other elements
  • What platforms and vendors lead that element

Curious how this periodic table works for your B2B organization and its existing or planned commerce tech stack? Talk to us at Zaelab about determining what elements are crucial in meeting business objectives and delivering on client needs.

Take the guesswork out of B2B benchmarking.

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