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Delivering an exceptional digital experience is a competitive differentiator for your business. But where to begin? And what strategic plan is fuelling these initiatives? Zaelab advisory services can help your company identify gaps and opportunities, and pinpoint the technology that will work best for your business.

Looking for advice on digital transformation?

Connect with Evan Klein, Founder of Zaelab. His expertise in rapidly assessing business challenges and developing omni-commerce solutions for growing corporations makes him a trusted adviser and thought leader in the digital commerce solutions industry.

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Business Transformation

Work with Zaelab to understand your complex B2B organization’s market position and to roadmap the future, focusing on key technology platforms that will scale with the growth of your organization.

Platform Strategy

Work with Zaelab digital advisors to identify what platform strategy will best position your enterprise for rapid growth. Zaelab experts can audit organizational readiness, suitability, and the current technology stack along with market position to make strategic recommendations for technology migrations or implementations.

Global Architecture

Once business and customer goals are defined for the digital transformation, Zaelab designs the customer experience for the new digital platform. This work includes persona definition, scenario design and customer journey road-mapping. Features are then mapped to the customer journey to ensure that the digital experience addresses key customer needs and pains — for both existing customers as well as prospective customers.