The Future of B2B Commerce | Bonus Blog: B2B Search Overhaul

May 9, 2024

Traditional search struggles to meet the complex nature of purchasing decisions in B2B commerce. Zaelab is advocating for the adoption of guided selling, a more effective approach tailored to the intricate criteria that influence B2B transactions. 

Unlike retail environments where visual cues often guide consumer choices, B2B transactions are influenced by a comprehensive set of criteria that standard search functions struggle to accommodate. Guided selling is a more effective approach for addressing these complexities. 

Consider this scenario: A manufacturer in the construction equipment industry has a customer looking to buy a new oil filter for their machinery. They face a daunting task if a simple search yields thousands of results, with no easy way to discern which filter is compatible. 

A far superior solution is guided navigation, which assists users in specifying the equipment they own and then accurately identifies only the compatible parts. This targeted approach not only streamlines the purchasing process but also significantly enhances the customer experience by providing clarity and efficiency in finding the right product.

In this video, we showcase an example that highlights the pitfalls of traditional search methods in B2B commerce. Throughout the demo, you’ll notice instances where desired products fail to appear in the search results. This shortfall could be the result of inadequate product data or suboptimal search algorithms. Users will struggle to find specific items, resulting in frustration and diminished user experience. Another issue evident in the video is the finding of inaccurate products. Irrelevant or incompatible items are being displayed to users, leading to confusion.

Guided selling is a strong solution for overcoming the limitations of traditional search. Zaelab's commitment to enhancing the customer experience ensures that users can navigate the vast array of products with precision, ultimately streamlining the purchasing process for a more efficient B2B transaction.

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