Global Biological Specimen & Services Leader Seeks Advisory Services, Maps Digital Transformation Journey

Zaelab provides BioIVT with advisory services, and after analyzing current state delivers a digital transformation strategy and technology recommendations.

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Global Biological Specimen & Services Leader Seeks Advisory Services, Maps Digital Transformation Journey

BioIVT, the leading provider of biological specimens and services, had new threats in the marketplace. Competitors were delivering digital commerce, operations and customer self-service capabilities, and BioIVT needed a strategic plan to maintain their competitive positioning. Zaelab brought their advisory services to the table.

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This is a very complex business in a complex industry. There were valid reasons why BioIVT had yet to attempt a commerce play. But Zaelab was able to determine the feasibility and gaps in their existing enterprise architecture to support a digital transformation and self-serve customer experience.
Chris Champlain, Senior Solution Architect, Zaelab

Siloed organization seeks to standardize data, close gaps

When BioIVT and Zaelab were introduced, an interesting challenge was presented. BioIVT, a leading biological specimen and services company and multi-million dollar enterprise, had yet to digitally transform. “My perception was that the challenges seemed significant,” says Zaelab’s Chris Champlain who spearheaded solution architecture and technology on the BioIVT project. “Going into 2019, it’s rare to see a $100 million company without a digital commerce presence.”

The company had grown via acquisitions over the years, resulting in a relatively fragmented and siloed organization. BioIVT is composed of three major lines of business – each with different market segments and business processes. As a result, data is not standardized across the organization, presenting gaps that needed to be closed in order to maintain a competitive positioning.

Zaelab and BioIVT partner to create roadmap for digital transformation

BioIVT was keen to digitally transform, but wanted to be calculated and strategic about their course of action. They enlisted help from digital advisory and solutions company Zaelab to help with roadmapping.

To begin, Zaelab went on-site with BioIVT to conduct a full-day project kick-off at the client’s headquarters. During this time, the two teams aligned, outlined the project deliverables and a series of 1-on-1 interviews took place. Armed with insights, Zaelab took the next week to further solicit insights from over a dozen more interviews to better understand the client’s competitive landscape, current positioning, challenges and opportunities.

Next came validation: Zaelab held a two-day workshop back onsite with BioIVT to confirm findings from interviews, an existing architecture audit and delve deeper into the business’s largest product line.

We recommended a specific action plan and implementation approach for BioIVT. This included a 20-month project comprised of 4 phases with 7 specified production releases.
Chris Champlain, Senior Solution Architect, Zaelab

Current state analysis and recommendations delivered and favorably received

Zaelab compiled all insights and current state understandings. From there, the advisory firm delivered a digital transformation strategy, which included technology recommendations to support the vision. The 50-page deliverable was presented to BioIVT which was widely received.

BioIVT received Zaelab’s recommendations very favorably and plan to move forward.

The concept of digital transformation was originally perceived with skepticism, given the complexity of the industry and heavily burdened resources at BioIVT. With the clear path to success outlined in the final deliverable, BioIVT not only saw the benefit of digital transformation, but also realized what tangible steps could be taken to achieve this milestone.

Businesses don’t have finish lines: What’s next for BioIVT

For BioIVT, digital transformation is still in its infancy. The 8-week advisory consultation with Zaelab provided the roadmap – next the business will transition into an execution phase.

Over the next months, BioIVT will work with Zaelab experts to implement commerce and stand-alone CMS platforms. BioIVT will work with Zaelab experts to implement commerce, stand-alone CMS and an integration platform.The first three releases in the initial release will provide the foundational elements and support order status and history for all product lines.

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