Continuous Innovation

A delivery approach that ensures your enterprise receives the eBusiness solutions that drive results for the organization.

Consulting Meets Experience

Zaelab’s delivery methodology ensures clients receive eBusiness solutions that drive results for their organization.​ The Z-Delivery Methodology merges consulting, technology, customer experience, and design colleagues to achieve incredible solutions at the intersection of business, brand, and technology.

Pathway to Success

Zaelab focuses on the customer and the interactions that drive results for the clients’ businesses. Utilized across the company and practiced by account managers and project teams, the Z-Delivery Methodology directs the pace and flow of Zaelab’s solution development. Demonstrated deliverables, interdependencies, processes, and roles within the company provide clients with a view into the pathway to success.

Blending waterfall and agile, the Z-Delivery Methodology enables high levels of solution visibility and definition. Combined with the agility to work in discrete sprints, we are able to produce tangible outputs for the components of the solution in shorter timeframes. This enables the client to plan, modify, and course-correct throughout the development process.

  • Discovery
  • Define
  • Iterative build
  • Acceptance
  • Launch & improve

Client Success Stories

4 & Counting: Multiple Brands Migrate, Replatform on Leading Commerce Solution
Sarnova delivers a robust and scalable B2B digital experience by replatforming and migrating all brands onto a single instance of SAP Commerce.
A B2B Commerce Platform for Car Washes
A new customer experience and innovative commerce platform were just the beginning for Zaelab and Sonny’s Direct.