Businesses don’t have finish lines.

Let Zaelab be a growth catalyst for your business. Investing in technology and bringing new platforms to market is a milestone — but only the beginning. Zaelab’s operate & innovate services allow you to proactively manage changing demand, putting you in front of competition with enhanced digital experiences for your customers.

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Connect with Evan Klein, Founder of Zaelab. He brings a long history of working with Fortune 500 enterprises to effectively utilize digital tools to drive growth.

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Managed Services

Zaelab managed services enable your business to continuously innovate and stay in front of customer needs and demands. Zaelab offers a wide range of managed services to help your technology and digital teams maintain existing processes and anticipate the next steps.

Continuous Innovation

Zaelab employs a continuous innovation methodology that merges consulting, technology, customer experience, and design colleagues to achieve incredible solutions at the intersection of business, brand, and technology.

Product Management

Zaelab product management services ensures seamless data and process integrations throughout your organization’s digital systems adoption and transformation.

Experience Analytics

Zaelab can help your organization leverage experience analytics to pinpoint important details in the user journey that require intervention. Uncover opportunities and issues proactively to rapidly troubleshoot user challenges.

Client Success Stories

4 & Counting: Multiple Brands Migrate, Replatform on Leading Commerce Solution
Sarnova delivers a robust and scalable B2B digital experience by replatforming and migrating all brands onto a single instance of SAP Commerce.
A B2B Commerce Platform for Car Washes
A new customer experience and innovative commerce platform were just the beginning for Zaelab and Sonny’s Direct.