Headless Commerce

Decoupling the front-end and user experience layer from the ecommerce platform is providing enterprises with flexibility, agility, and independence.

Headless Commerce

Headless Commerce is the agility companies need to provide leading-edge and revenue-generating user experiences. Until now, with monoliths, enterprises were presented with a big box, with every feature and functionality they could possibly need inside. Shifting to headless is the epitome of thinking outside of the box and catering to buyer needs and preferences.

Zaelab provides coaching in headless commerce and offers a headless digital experience that enables organizations to bring best-in-class digital commerce platforms to market faster.


  • Headless commerce training
  • Headless commerce transformation roadmapping


  • ZCommerce: A modern digital experience built from best practices defined at leading B2B enterprises. The solution is the lynchpin, bringing together a headless commerce architecture, and provides digitization and support for customers, sales, and customer service workflows.