Zaelab is a commercetools partner, an API-based, headless commerce platform. We work with B2B and D2C businesses to leverage commercetools’ cloud-native application to build customized commerce experiences that can be implemented and iterated upon rapidly.

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What is commercetools?

commercetools is a next-generation commerce platform. Its award-winning, API approach helps enterprises adopt an agile, componentized architecture that improves profitability, reduces development time, and meets new customer demands. Using commercetools, B2B and D2C organizations experience benefits like:

– All commerce functionalities available as separate microservices – pay only for the APIs and the calls that you use
– Open integration for backend and frontend experience
– Versionless software with no upgrades with continuous API updates
– New features and functionalities released frequently with instant availability

commercetools clients realize:

– 75% reduction in total cost of ownership
– 40% average order value increase
– 20% conversion rate increase
– 70% site speed improvement

What are commercetools Benefits?

Many buyers prefer to shop at online marketplaces because of the compelling value propositions that marketplaces offer consumers.

Enhanced Speed & Agility

Without having to maintain a full stack software, new user interfaces can be implemented rapidly. Development is more efficient because teams can work in parallel and due to decoupling, changes can be made to the UI without having to test core backend logic.

Frontend and Backend are Individually Scaled

Because the frontend and backend are decoupled and individually scaled, heavy frontend traffic does not impact the backend. And, developers can extend services to new touchpoints without needing to rely on the entire system.

More Customization Options

In a headless scenario, multiple frontends connect to one API and one underlying system, making it easier to implement new touchpoints.

How Zaelab Works with commercetools

In Zaelab’s research and experience, we have uncovered monolithic platform limitations that often cripple an organization’s ability and speed. To quickly respond to customers’ needs and stay in front of competitors, Zaelab works with B2B and D2C organizations to rapidly implement commercetools as a flexible commerce platform. This headless commerce architecture decouples the frontend presentation layer from the backend platform / data layer. The frontend experience can be updated without disrupting the backend infrastructure via API calls.

Zaelab offers direct implementation and migration services. Zaelab has a pre-built migration framework to help B2B clients migrate off of monolithic platforms and onto a microservices-based commerce platform like commercetools in a matter of weeks.

Why Partner with Zaelab to Implement commercetools?

– Recognized experts in B2B commerce platform implementations
– Proven implementation experience with commercetools
– 100+ B2B commerce projects completed
– 100+ global consultants experienced in B2B commerce

What do industry analysts say about commercetools?

“Our cloud-native platform and well-documented, extensive APIs makes us conducive for letting our customers build a commerce solution with features that fit their needs like a glove.” – commercetools

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