SAP Customer Experience B2B Commerce Partner

Zaelab is an award-winning SAP Customer Experience implementation partner since 2010. SAP Commerce Cloud solutions enable B2B organizations to create seamless buying experiences for customers – from search to sales. A combination of intuitive, self-service capabilities and AI-powered merchandising, guided selling, assisted service, and chatbots create new revenue channels at a lower cost of ownership. SAP Commerce Cloud simplifies complex commerce and order processes, so B2B organizations can engage customers more effectively and connect the demand with its supply chain.

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What is SAP B2B Commerce or SAP Hybris?

SAP Commerce Cloud is a cloud native, API-first, headless platform that helps B2B businesses drive innovation and digital transformation. The platform makes every customer interaction shoppable and provides the five-star customer experience today’s consumers expect. With SAP Hybris, B2B businesses can:

– Make it easy for customers to find, configure, and buy complex products
– Simplify the entire buying process with integrated demand and supply chain
– Transform your business, introduce new business models; marketplaces, service subscriptions, other digital add-on services
– Quickly adopt new touchpoints, extend your business with PWAs, chatbots, IoT, machines, and devices
– Enable multinational rollouts
– Deliver customer-centric experiences across marketing, commerce, and service
– Offer great service, by empowering customers, sales and service reps with all transactions and insights
– Be ready for unplanned demand spikes with proven scalability and reliability
– Innovate with agility using flexible and modern platform technology

SAP B2B Commerce Clients Have Recognized

– 500% Online Revenue Growth
– 90% Reduction in touch points in the sales process
– 40% Increase in mobile website use

What are SAP B2B Commerce / SAP Hybris Benefits?

The SAP Commerce Cloud solution is a cloud native, headless commerce platform that helps B2B businesses innovate and drive the digital transformation. Make selling and buying a simple and easy process with this agile platform that provides customer-centric experiences across marketing, commerce, and service.

Hyper-Personalized Commerce Experiences

The real-time personalization capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud utilize customer insights, affinities, and classifications at every moment of the customer journey to create individually relevant, in-the-moment experiences unique to each customer.


SAP Commerce Cloud provides AI-powered, self-optimizing storefronts that leverage real-time data so that B2B storefronts can react dynamically to the changing signals of the market to optimize revenue-generating opportunities instantly.

Headless and API-First

SAP Commerce Cloud solution decouples the storefront from core commerce functionality, also called headless commerce architecture. This enables increased flexibility and supports continuous innovation, as rapid changes can be made to the front or back end independently.

How Zaelab works with SAP Customer Experience

Zaelab is an SAP Gold partner and has been recognized by SAP Hybris as Partner Of The Year Award For Newcomer Of The Year and was named a Finalist for SAP Pinnacle Award in the Small and Midsize Companies Category.

Zaelab are leading experts in implementing SAP B2B Commerce, Commerce Cloud, or SAP Hybris. We’ve worked with hundreds of B2B businesses to rapidly implement the platform, leveraging our PWA storefront ZCommerce and calling on extensive integration experience.

Why Partner with Zaelab to Implement SAP B2B Commerce?

– Recognized experts in B2B commerce platform implementations
– Experience with SAP B2B Commerce (formerly SAP Hybris)
– 100+ B2B commerce projects completed
– 100+ global employees experienced in B2B commerce

What do Experts Say About SAP B2B Commerce?

“SAP and its ecosystem partners have prioritized industries like manufacturing, utilities, and financial services, where SAP also has a robust enterprise resource planning presence, as well as retail and hospitality. SAP is especially strong in B2C and B2B commerce, customer identity and access management, and API management versus its peers.” – Forrester, 2020

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