Whitepaper: B2B Marketplaces

Stephanie King

With consumer-driven ecommerce now an expectation, B2B companies must digitally transform to stay relevant. Instead of surrendering to Amazon or losing customers to Alibaba, self-owned B2B marketplaces are enabling organizations to diversify their portfolio and revenue streams, while eliminating dependencies on third-party platforms. The result is not just increased profit, but also a robust customer experience that will build loyalty over time.

This whitepaper shares how enterprises can evolve off of legacy technology and the best practices for implementing a B2B marketplace model.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why marketplaces are a key technology in digital transformation
  • The importance of B2B businesses adopting B2B specific marketplaces to best meet customer needs
  • How a digital advisory can help enterprises evaluate their current state, plot a digital transformation journey and recommend important technology
  • Build or buy? What marketplace technology businesses should adopt and the best go-to-market approach


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