B2B marketplaces: Welcome to the Platform Economy

The technology enterprises need to drive digital transformation.

Learn more about the marketplace model and why B2B companies are turning to the platform economy to facilitate a more desirable customer journey where traditional ecommerce channels fall short. This whitepaper will discuss why embracing marketplaces is now the greatest starting point for winning B2B commerce strategies, and share the best approach for adopting and implementing a best-in-class B2B marketplace.



This Whitepaper Discusses:

  • Why marketplaces are a key technology in digital transformation
  • The importance of B2B businesses adopting B2B specific marketplaces to best meet customer needs
  • How a digital advisory can help enterprises evaluate their current state, plot a digital transformation journey and recommend important technology
  • Build or buy? What marketplace technology businesses should adopt and the best go-to-market approach

About The Whitepaper

With consumer-driven ecommerce now an expectation, B2B companies must digitally transform to stay relevant. Instead of surrendering to Amazon or losing customers to Alibaba, self-owned B2B marketplaces are enabling organizations to diversify their portfolio and revenue streams, while eliminating dependencies on third-party platforms. The result is not just increased profit, but also a robust customer experience that will build loyalty over time.

This whitepaper shares how enterprises can evolve off of legacy technology and the best practices for implementing a B2B marketplace model.

About Zaelab

Zaelab is a leading digital advisory and solutions company. Through continuous innovation, Zaelab removes the complexity and friction of digital platform implementation and operations. Zaelab give its clients best-in-class tools and insights so that they can deliver exceptional customer experiences. To learn more visit www.zaelab.com.

About Mirakl

Mirakl has become the catalyst of a marketplace revolution that is transforming the traditional eCommerce landscape. The Mirakl Marketplace Platform is the only fully integrated, turnkey solution for lightning fast product expansion, increased customer reach, and improved vendor relationships – all with minimal resource investment. Mirakl enables distributors to quickly deploy a marketplace into their existing eCommerce website, taking advantage of external sellers or internal subsidiaries to provide customers a wider range of products and fulfillment options. To learn more visit www.mirakl.com.