Sonny’s Direct, the world's largest maker of car wash conveyor systems had outgrown their existing SAP WCEM digital commerce solutions. Their site was cumbersome, lacking a mobile experience, and search was not meeting customers needs. In order to stay on top of competitors launching new websites, Sonny’s had to rise to the occasion.


Sonny’s invested a significant amount of time in due diligence for digital commerce platforms as well as partners to support the implementation. In selecting a platform, what was important was an agile, scalable platform that allowed for rapid deployment and extension as well as integrate seamlessly to their native SAP infrastructure. Also important was native B2B capabilities to support their unique selling model. SAP Hybris was an obvious choice for the flexibility, native SAP integration.

After the technology was selected, Sonny’s short-listed 3 partners and was 24 hours away from making a decision – then they met Zaelab. Not initially wanting to speak to a fourth partner, they agreed to have an initial 15-minute discussion. They were impressed by Zaelab’s SAP experience, B2B assets, and a continuous delivery methodology that would allow them to get started on the project without lengthy documentation or an excessive design phase. Zaelab got to work the next week.


To inform the future customer experience, Zaelab executed user research to understand and define the customer. Through multiple customer visits and interviews, Zaelab defined customer journey maps, buying personas, and feature-value matrix to ensure the site met each personas unique needs.Armed with the customer insight, Zaelab crafted a personalized customer experience that would provide the right customer with the right content, while adapting to their behavior.


Our experience team continued defining the responsive customer experience through prototypes including wireframes and HTML, this enabled the customers to touch and feel. Having led with the customer experience all teams were in-sync on the requirements, our engineers got to work on the required integrations including SAP ERP, CRM, Paymetric, and Marketo.

Zaelab executed sprints which included demos to Sonny’s on-site every three weeks. Through these sprint demos, Sonny’s was able to provide valuable feedback to be incorporated into the experience -- ensuring by launch the product aligned with customer expectations.


Zaelab delivered Sonny's customers a personalized and flexible content-based user experience responds to a customer's specific needs. A responsive website allows customers to engage with Sonny’s Direct from their device of choice. Finally, since the solution is fully integrated solution to SAP customers will have consistent pricing, order history & tracking, and inventory across all channels.

Check out Sonny's presentation at SAPPHIRE 2016: