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Mobile Accelerator Platform Empowering Retail Agility Delivering Superior Commerce Experiences

Omni-commerce is demanding, customer touch-points are evolving — are you?

Zaelab's Mobile Accelerator Platform® is cloud-based, enterprise class and unique. Now you can rapidly extend your backend commerce system with our "out-of-box" integrations to ensure your app delivers: superior customer experiences, optimized performance, and personalized 1:1 marketing opportunities.

How our platform
benefits your brand

Faster Time to Market

When time is money, the last thing you want is waste. Lead the pack — deploy mobile commerce app's in weeks, not months. real-time products and inventory.

Power of Integration

Go-to-market faster and reduce time-to-value with pre-built integrations for SAP Hybris, Magento, Demandware, Intershop and Oracle ATG.

Enterprise Quality — Cloud Enabled

Our mobile commerce platform is built for performance ensuring lightning fast page loads, caching tier, and smooth native experiences.

Superior Customer Experiences

Wherever and whenever customers decide to buy, your mobile commerce app will deliver a consistent shopping experience.

Relevant Content, Timely Offers

Marketing is extended with personal push notifications, Passbook services, location-based marketing and more. Our platform retains key customer data so you can market more effectively.

360° Customer View

Because our mobile commerce app's are integrated with your backend system, you always know everything about everything – in one place – your backend system database.

Starter Apps

We built world class starter mobile commerce apps including B2C Store, In-store Kiosk, and Clienteling Apps. These apps are used as starting points and mobile commerce UX best practices including seamless shop, browse, and checkout.

Commerce API

Our mobile commerce API is a REST based set of services that enable brands to more quickly and consistently build mobile commerce apps. Leverage our starters mobile commerce apps or BYOA, Bring Your Own Apps.

Products Payment Customer Orders Search Promotions Cart Inventory

"For eBusiness leaders mobile commerce APIs open up the possibilities for how they can enable additional customer touchpoints."

— Brian Walker, Forrester

Marketing services and big data

Big Data and mobile commerce is at the top of every retailers mind, however making sense and harnessing big data in campaigns has never been easy. Our marketing services provides a set of tools to connect & cater to customers based on collected data including location, cart, browse, and order history.

Integration layer and backend commerce

No more screen-scraping, data feeds, or proxying. To build exceptional mobile commerce a true integration with your digital commerce platform is not optional. We support most enterprise grade systems and can integrate with new ones.

We work & integrate with:

{x} Hybris Magento DemandWare Oracle | atg